How we survived and ice storm

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Being a weather person is the only job where you can be wrong 95% of the time and still be employed.....

They started calling for it on Thursday an ice storm that is.... and if your from where I'm from we usually throw all weather warnings to the wind and think nothing will happen. Buffalo is know for it's crazy weather. However since 2006 anytime they use the word ice I panic. If you don't know what I'm talking about here is link of what went down that year.

I still lived at home and my parents live about 5 miles from Lake Ontario. So for the most part they are in a bubble. However we lost power for 2 days and had the most insane weather. I was at work when it hit and it was crazy to drive in. It was sunny when I left for work so I only had on a fleece jacket and it was a blizzard when I left so I had to buy a coat and gloves just to be able to walk out of the store.

Anyway back to 2013......

I woke up Saturday at 2:30 in the morning to complete silence. I instantly knew we had no power because normally all I hear is Grayson's monitor and music and our fan going (my husband insists that he cannot sleep without it). I waited until 3 to call the power company and report my outage. About 3:15 I heard the loudest noise ever. I thought a tree had hit the house and had Michael go around and check all the rooms and windows. He said he saw the sky light up so it must have been a transformer. It is like 25 degrees at this point. We waited until about 4 and then scooped G out of his crib and bring him into bed with us

We figured with no heat it would get cold fast. We decided to sleep and then decided what to do in the morning. Let me just say I had a hard time falling asleep with Grayson snoring in my ear...

We got up at 7 checked the website and it said "still assessing damage no estimated time" I instantly called my parents to see if they had power. Thank God they did so we packed up and headed over there. 

Can I just tell you how hard it is to pack up everything for the day (we were celebrating Christmas with my brother there that day) for you whole family that includes a 9 month old and all the food I had to make for the party. Oh yeah throw in the fact they it's still pitch black out it took me almost an hour!!!! 

We called my uncle who lives around the corner (and had power) to come and  check on Riley. 

We found out around noon that they thought we would not get power until Monday so we started to make plans to stay the night
Around 5:30 my uncle called and said we had power!!!

Thankfully we went less than 24 hours without power and my parents never lost it but others were not so fortunate. Some families had flooding in their basements and no power so they had to be evacuated by the fire department. There were also people without power for days. My work was one of them. When I showed up to work on Monday we had no power. Thankfully I have a laptop as my work computer and could work from home.

We had a few trees down in our yard and saw some of the worst flooding on our drive over to my parents house.

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