Where I have been

Let's just say the shit hit the fan on Saturday and it just kept on coming....

I will update on all of it within the next week but first lets talk about how amazing Christmas was with my little nugget love.

I know at 9 months that he does not understand it all but he opened up every present.... and it just made my heart over flow with love watching my husband with him opening presents.

My boys are my everything and it was the best gift having my little family together on Christmas morning.

Coming up with in the week

The Rash- Part 1

The Rash- Part 2

How we Survived the Ice Storm

Our First Christmas

Grayson meets Santa

And in breaking news I'm in the middle of giving all my info to Hubby Jack so he can take over and class up this hot mess of a blog!!! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that as the wrapping paper is getting cleaned up everyone hugs their loved ones as tight as they can and be thankful to have one another.