SO WHAT Wednesday

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Life After I Dew

So What........

If last night we had our Tuesday night dinner and I had a few (3) Southern Comfort and ginger ale's in a tall glass. Momma needed a drink

If because of said drinks I went to Tim Horton's this morning and got a Pepsi. I felt like I was 21 again and needed a bacon breakfast sandwich and a fountain soda. I skipped the sandwich this time because now they go right to my thighs instead of my hangover

Grayson now stands in his crib and screams until we come into get him in the morning I'm praying this is just a phase I'm also hoping that getting up at 5am is part of this phase and that is passes sooner rather than later

That I have to go to the grocery store again today because I forgot my formula coupons at home yesterday

That we will probably have cereal for dinner because I'm so exhausted I can't think about cooking a real meal

I already told my husband that as soon as Grayson goes to bed tonight so am I because we have been up until 11 the past two night and momma don't play good on little sleep

I haven't put any of the laundry away from the weekend and we are living out of baskets

I have set my tree up but not put an ornaments on it. I'm hoping we get this done tonight