Smilings my favorite

I had a whole post I wanted to write about my awesome weekend and then it happened..........

I swear that kids know when parents are going to do something fun without them and they are going to spend the night somewhere new.
Let me back up

Friday I got out of work and got my nails done....let's just say I have already made an appointment to get them done again right before Christmas because this girl is in love. They use a brand called Shelac Gel and it is amazing. Plus with Gel nails they are dry the second you take them out of the UV and they don't damage your nails.

Anyway I left the nail salon, ran to the grocery store for some ginger ale and chip ya know the necessities and then stopped by subway to grab dinner. Let me just say that on the back of my grocery store receipt they have buy one get one free sub so the cheap ass in me was like dinner for under $10.00 yup that's what we are eating. So I call Michael and say that I'm heading home and he was weird on the phone I find out that Grayson would not eat his yogurt for dinner and then threw up. I figured maybe he was just full. Then just as I was pulling in the driveway he had a blow out diaper. I was hoping it was fluke, he seemed fine was still crawling and climbing on everything. Then I fed him his nighttime bottle and he threw up the better part of it. I mean he covered our chair with throw up. My poor baby I got him to sleep and he slept until 5:30 the next morning

Saturday I made the call that he would not be going to my brother's because I didn't want him to get the kids sick and that Michael would stay home with him and I would go to the wedding solo. Grayson has 3 more blow out diapers before I left on Saturday and one during the night

Sunday he was off and not himself. Then the worst happened......Michael got it. He came home from work early and was camped out in the bathroom. Now let me just say men are the worst when they are sick. He kept calling for me and I was all what do you want me to do?

I called the doctor first thing this morning and they told us to stop all fruit and start giving G pedialite. So my dad is being a doll and getting it and taking it over to my sister who is staying with Grayson while I'm at work. Thank God for my family because other wise I would be lost. I'm knocking on wood that I'm not next and just praying that it passes soon.

Grayson got two bath yesterday and 4 different outfits. I had to scrub the bathtub 4 times and I lysoled my entire house 952159 times. So much so that I need to buy more Lysol today. We missed the hubby's Christmas party yesterday and now my stomach hurts.
Happy Monday