My Friday 5

Let's get down to business and lay down the five things for the week

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1. My nails that were done a week ago and still amazeballs! Other than the fact that they are growing out. I'm obsessed and can't wait to change up the color next week when I go back!

2. Swiss Miss

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So I'm a freak and love hot chocolate and must drink it while putting ornaments on the tree. I have come up with the perfect hot chocolate concoction ever and now my husband it addicted. This was born out of pure necessity because no matter what you always burn some part of yourself on hot chocolate and then curse like a sailor on leave. It is one packet of Swiss Miss Rich Chocolate mixed with hot water. Then once it is good and mixed up pour in some french vanilla coffee creamer. It cools down your drink and gives it a fancy ionlybuymycoffeefromstarbucksandmyshitdon'tstink feeling. Your welcome.

3. Christmas Book

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Grayson loves when I read to him because lets be real I have an amazing reading voice. Also he likes to try and eat the book but I'm holding onto the first one. Anyway I scooped this up as soon as I saw it because I love the Mercer Mayer books and I like having holiday books. It's my feeble attempt to be like the cool blog moms when really I'm a hot mess.

4. Slippers

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If my husband is reading this (which really fat chance) I would love these. OMG!!!! I wonder if they really work but they seem good in theory and I have all hard wood floors and/or tile downstairs. The small OCD person in my head is jumping with both fists in the air!

5. Tart Warmer

Girls I'm a total BBW fan but they don't have tarts and with a baby that thinks he is spider man and can climb anything I kind of want something without a flame. I just ordered this tart warmer from Yankee Candle and can't wait to get it! I also ordered 8 tarts. I had a coupon because I'm cheap so I got it all for $28.00 shipped. Coupon code is FS79 and it is good for $15.00 off of $35.00. Plus if you order today it will get here buy Christmas with the standard shipping which is only $5.00!

Happy Friday everyone!!! And 10 shopping days until Christmas!!!!