Christmas Cards!!!

It's December which means it's officially a winter wonderland at my house
I ordered our cards in October because I have control issues. It took me 3 hours to look through every card that Minted had to offer. See you can order your cards and pay for them and then upload your picture later. I narrowed it down to 4. I then spent another hour flipping back and forth playing with fonts until I landed on this one.

Bright and Chalky

I went through the envelope options because my OCD cares about things like that. I chose the kraft paper envelopes because I like them and therefore they are best.

I then crapped my pants because now I need! a! picture! and it has to be perfect. I decided that getting a picture of him before Halloween would be crazy so I put it off until a few weekends ago. I had this hat and decided on a simple outfit and to let his leg rolls hang out because this is the only time in life where having tree trunks for thighs is acceptable. I found an antique kids rocking chair at a craft show in early November and knew that I wanted to use it. I also grabbed some of my Christmas decor, a white blanket and had my sister come over to help me because well if I didn't it would have ended in me crying.

So she came, we conquered, and I got some really good shots. I took over 100 pictures. It came down to two. One that I loved and one that my husband loved. Truth be told I loved them both because have you seen my kid he is gorgeous. So we took it to a vote.I showed my family the picture at Sunday dinner and we were split so I sent it to my aunt and she chose the one Michael liked. So that it what we went with. And here it is the final product.

I love it and his cankles. It took me another almost 2 hours to get the font for our names right, and the picture zoomed just right, and the font on the envelopes to be perfect. ( I know! I have issues!). I finally placed my order on a Monday and then received my proof to approve the same day. I approved it and had my cards by Friday. When I opened them I almost cried. They are printed on a heavy card stock, not shinny photo paper, and they just truly capture my little man's personality and wild spirit! My Dad's first comment was that he wasn't wearing pants and then my husband gave me the stink eye but I told him that next year he can do the cards and then he told me I'm perfect.

I mailed these out the day after Thanksgiving because I want people to be able to enjoy them the whole Christmas season! I asked Michael to pick up Christmas stamps, but not the kid ones I wanted rustic ones, like poinsettia's. So he comes home with poinsettia's. I asked him what other ones they had he says "like 800 but I didn't want to get the wrong ones so I remembered poinsettia's and that's what I got". So he did follow instructions but it took everything I had not to go to the post office and look at my options. I like everything to go with  my theme and they look good on my envelopes to I put my crazy on the shelf and kept them.

I recommend Minted 100% and I'm not getting paid to say that. I just love the cards and the process and that you can upload a picture later. Plus I got a hand written note from the lady that packed up my box and even though she spelled my name wrong (and then I quickly checked the cards because die!) it was a nice touch.