So What

Life After I Dew

Let's say so what......

That I decided last minute to take off Christmas eve. Michael has off and I just want an extra day with my boys

That my mom called and asked to have G overnight from the 23rd to the 24th and I jumped on it. We have friends in town and I'm excited to go out and have a few drinks without anyone having to work the next day! and no baby to wake up at the ass crack of dawn

I have yet to wrap a single present

I ordered our stockings but they have not come yet....So that means they will be up for a few days and then packed a way

I have been eating at least 2 cookies a day everyday since Saturday

the only long sleeve shirt that I could find for Grayson to wear under is jimmy jams was a thanksgiving one so that what he wore

I hate the weather lately and have no desire to do anything but stay in my comfy clothes all day and snuggle my baby