Thanksgiving wrap up

It was a glorious 4 days off of work! I even snuck out an hour early on Wednesday so I could kiss on my chunky nugget called Grayson. He went for an overnight with Gigi so that the hubs and I could get in a date night. It was wonderful and simple and everything we needed. Dinner and a movie at home with ice cream and popcorn sign me up!

Thursday we really just relaxed had breakfast, started pulling out the christmas decorations, and then headed to my parents and scoop up our baby boy because we missed him like crazy ( We even talked about going to pick him up several times because we just love having him with us.)

I went out shopping. I got a ton of my Christmas shopping done. I got home at 1 in the morning and was up at 7 with baby G. He then started his new trick. Let's call it " I started real crawling and pulling myself up on everything". Thanks for being super mobile now and we will be baby gate shopping asap. We also had to lower the crib because G be crazy and was standing and yelling and I was having nightmares that he would just flip out of the crib.

My tree is up it just needs ornamnets, I have my one shelf decorated but I'm still not happy with it, and I just ordered our stockings so now I need stocking holders.

My Christmas cards are already in the mail and I have a full post to come on the Christmas card saga.

The long weekend was still too short and I begged Michael to be a stay at home mom today.

Happy Monday!

My boys watching TV
Turkey butt
I love him and his belly

Our family Thanksgiving picture (for the record that Turkey was made out of Grayson's hand)
I had the best view on Date night. I just love this man!
This is the Santa my Grandma made in 1989 and if you push the fluff ball on his hat it still plays music

He wants to be just like Daddy.