9 Months

Hi Bubbie lou! To say that your amazing is an understatement. I love you so much and so hard it's crazy. Sometimes your daddy and I lay in bed at night and just look at each other and say "can you believe how amazing he is gosh I just love him".
This month you taught us that we have  had a lot of unsafe things in your reach. Since you full on crawl now and it is amazing to watch but also cramps my style because I can't leave you in a room alone anymore. Your two bottom teeth are in and they look so cute. The top two are rearing their ugly heads and you are chewing everything.We had your doctors appointment about your adenoids and they said you are all good. Thank goodness because momma was thinking about going to a mental hospital if you had to have surgery. You got the flu and a double ear infection this month. We went to the doctors twice in one week and momma had to go by herself which almost killed her. You like to look at everything upside down when I'm holding you and that is challenge when your 22 pounds and wearing a huge winter coat. I made it through and promised your dad that I would never divorce him for the sole fact that I'm not cut out to be a single parent.
Eating is really up in the air. You get 3 bottles 2-8oz and 1-6oz, but now you sometimes refuse them ( I blame teething). You always eat them an hour or so later so I try not to worry about them. You seem to be slowing down in the meal department also, you will either eat all your yogurt and half of the dinner, or vice versa. Or some days all of it. Again I'm saying it the top two teeth. You love puffs but still will not put them in your own mouth. I know you can I spy ed on you one time and saw you do it but if someone is in front of you, you demand (through grunting) that one gets put in your mouth.
Your a dare devil through and through, I blame this on your father. You pull up on everything and now are side walking down the couch and your crib. You also have started going one handed and I almost shit my pants every time. I know that in the blink of an eye you will be walking and talking and driving a car and asking me for my keys so I try so so hard to hold onto this baby stage because I'm so in love with it.
You love the Christmas tree and to say that we are excited for your 1st Christmas is an understatement. You opened you first gift the other day (from your dada's work party that we couldn't go to because you had the shits). Once you realized that there was a toy in there you tore that shit up! It was awesome and now I'm beyond excited for the big day! It pains me to write this but Dada is your #1. It's cool though because I love that bond that you two have. Now you never cry when I have you and when it's bedtime you favor me (and I gloat about this to your father every chance I get) but for real that man is your best friend. Now Grayson I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Daddy never though he would be a daddy EVER. But you are so blessed that he is yours. He loves you with all of his heart and takes the best care of you. When you grow up be like him, love like him, and most of all let him be your role model. I know he will always be your best bud, but can you remember to love me too? I mean I did grow you!
Grayson baby you grow everyday and I love it. You change every second and you steal my heart a little bit more everyday. Your gorgeous with your green eyes and sandy colored hair that is darker some days than others but baby your smile is where it's at.
I love you with my whole heart more and more everyday. Thanks for making me Momma.
Love your Momma.

5 Seconds after this picture you ripped off your sock and started laughing
You and your fur brother

Your first Thanksgiving and I'm loving your big beer belly

You love the tree

This is what I get when I ask you for a picture

Momma dies over this smile

You were sick and it broke my heart but I secretly loved the snuggles
The picture I wanted on the Christmas card but got over ruled
You got mail from Gigi and Papa Tom

Your not too sure about the whole mittens thing

You fell asleep in the car like this the whole way home

Decked out in your Christmas shirt

Standing like a boss

This is the look I get when I ask you what your doing, you already have the innocent look down.