Candy, Candy canes, Candy corns & Syrup

It's Christmas time and Elf seems to be on some channel every time I turn on the TV so these things stick in my head hence the blog title.

Anyway first things first
We had the big appointment yesterday to see if my baby needed surgery and he does NOT need it. I'm so happy. I was dreading him having to have surgery but if it would help him I would have had to put my big girl panties on. However after they looked at him they said he is perfect and that surgery would be UN-necessary at this time. I was so happy.
Now let's just hope that his breathing and stuffy nose stays away!

Ok so onto the wedding that I attended solo on Saturday. I hated leaving my sick baby but he was home with my husband and we had already RSVP'd that we would be there so I felt that one was better than none. Any who I had a blast with my family. When we hear open bar we drink like it's going out of style. I'm going to bullet point this because otherwise it will be hard to read
  • I didn't go to the wedding but I heard it was long (over an hour). They had nine people in the wedding party which to me is a little much (no offense to those that have that many)
  • The table names were poets which to me was confusing because there was no rhyme or reason so you had to look at almost every table to find yours plus to find your place card it was book mark on a tree and it was just a hot mess. It took us over half an hour to find my sisters. 
  • The guest book was ornaments that you had to sign with a pen. This was weird to me so I just drew a heart and signed our names. 
  • Dinner was not served until almost 8 at night. The bar opened at 6 so by the time dinner started I was 3/4 in the bag and feeling like I was Brittney Spears. I was ready to dance to dance with snake and make out with Madonna.
  • They cut the cake during dinner service so hardly anyone saw it happen. They didn't do the garter toss until half an hour before the end these are huge things people should be watching!!
  • The DJ only played for a little over 2 hours, because the reception ended at 11!!!! So once dinner was done the time was limited.
  • Yes I drank my weight and my husband weight and a couple other people's in Southern Comfort and ginger ale. It was like heaven in a glass and the waiters just stood by our table because we kept having so many empty glasses. 
 And now the pictures that were taken once drinks were consumed, and no I don't have any of the bride and groom (the groom is my step-cousin so I don't rank high on the list of people to talk to at the wedding, it's all good I had fun with my group)

My Uncle, My cousin (who we call red) My little sister and ME!

Me and My Uncle Mark

Me and Red

Heaven in a glass
Bathroom selfie that was taken before dinner was served and I was feeling warm
Yes I had 3 drinks at once and no I'm not ashamed!