Short and sweet

Today's post will be short and sweet

The boys are feeling better and knock on wood I have escaped without the curse.

We have Grayson's ENT appointment today to see if he needs his adenoids removed.

They are calling for us to get a snow consistently for the next seven days so that should be about as fun a punch in the face

I have had to leave work early the last 2 days and it sucks and my paycheck will suffer but my boys come first and thank goodness my boss feels the same way

Michael's car has no heat and I had to drive it today. To say that I was cursing into work was an understatement ( for the record I drove it because the company I work for also owns a repair shop and we get a 20% discount so I brought it in to get looked at)

Until tomorrow where I will have a post about the wedding and an update on the nugget and his doctors appointment.