Yes to the dress and growing pains

Friday at 3:30 could not come fast enough. I had just had  along week and was ready to not have to get up at 5:00 the next day. I scooped up my nugget from school and we went to get baby donuts. His new thing is to eat them out of the box they come in and I have to say I'm surprised at how good he is about eating 3 and then giving me the box. Plus he requested a smoothing for dinner so I got him one while we were there. I went home and just relaxed. Michael and I had the best dinner. He made cheese quesadillas and then cooked two eggs over easy and put them on top. It was wonderful and even though it was a last minute idea it is going in rotation.

Saturday ahhhh my day to sleep in except Grayson was up at 5:15 because he was hungry and had to go potty so down stairs we went he ate a bowl of lucky charms while I had some honey nut chex and then I fell asleep on the couch while he watched Frozen on the iPad. I got up and got dressed because I had an appointment to meet my sister and all the bridesmaids to help her pick out her wedding dress. Now normally I would go in and help her get dressed in each dress, however due to my belly size and the fact that they lady was super pushy and pushed even my sister-in-law out of the dressing room we all sat and watched her walk out. She tried on about 6 dressed and fell in love with one!!! We are so excited that this is finally checked off the list and that she found one she loves. My dad was watching Grayson for me so I went home right after and him and I both went down for a nap. We had pasta for dinner and we had a stand off about eating dinner. Grayson went to bed without eating because he refused pasta and only wanted to eat cereal which was not happening because he eats pasta all the time at school.

Sunday we had no plans except for snuggle and maybe work on laundry. We had waffles for breakfast which hungry boy at 2 of and then still had a bowl of lucky charms. My mom called and said she was dropping by to see Grayson and play with him while I worked on laundry. She ended up organizing all the toys in his toy room and we threw out a bunch of junky stuff. It looks so much better than it did and we only have a little more work to do in that room and it will be done! I finished up laundry and again after lunch we both took a a nap. After naps I put the laundry away Grayson dressed up as a ninja turtle super hero and we had subs for dinner. Grayson again was fighting eating a fish stick (Michael had a fish sandwich) and it sat on his plate until after bath when he asked for a cookie and I told him he had to eat at least two bites of the fish stick. He ended up doing it just for the cookie! Parent win right there. He did have yogurt a cheese stick and an applesauce for dinner too but I was not letting him get away without eating that fish! We watched Frozen again and then he went to bed and we had brownie sundae's.

It was a good relaxing weekend and I needed it because I'm pretty sure I had a growth spurt with the belly this weekend because there was times the round ligament pain sent me to my knees and stopped me from walking.

This week our B turns 5(!!!!), we have an ultrasound and Dr's appointment and I go for a massage. Plus the Superbowl!!!

Happy Monday!