Superbowl weekend

It was a great weekend!

Friday I picked up Grayson and we headed to the grocery store to grab a few things. We went to the store that has  little carts that are just his size and that boy does a great job of pushing his own cart. It was just such a sweet experience with him. We got all the things we need to make his treat for his party this week at school and then we headed over and got baby doughnuts and smoothie for dinner. We relaxed Friday night and since Michael had a mandatory driving class and didn't have to be to work until 9 the next working we got to stay up a little later together and watch a movie.

Saturday we woke up as a family and had breakfast together. Michael headed out to work. Grayson and I watched the snow out the window and then Aunt Halli came over to see Grayson and drop off a few outfits for the twins. I got ready to head to my massage and my Mom came over and took Grayson to her house to play and then nap. My massage was awesome. I did the half an hour to see how I liked it and I'm for sure planning on going back in March for the one hour because in the half an hour they only do upper body but for the hours it's total body so I'm excited for that! I came home and took a nap which was much needed and then Michael picked up Panera for dinner and when Grayson came home we ate as a family and then relaxed the rest of the night.

Sunday we had  B's birthday party/Superbowl party in the afternoon so I took the morning to get laundry done. I find that if I do one load during the week then I only have 2 loads on the weekend and that is much more manageable. Michael called around 9 and said he would be home in about an hour because his work truck had broken down. We always love when he comes home early. He brought out all the bins of baby clothes from the attic and we got them labeled by size and then it was family nap for all. We got up and headed to my brothers and enjoyed a ton of food and watching the game. I was pretty indifferent to who one since I didn't have a dog in the fight. We left after the 3rd quarter and got home to watch the last 5 mins and see the Bronco's win. I was happy for Peyton. It was a late night but a good weekend.