The spillings of my brain

Grayson is growing up so much. He is starting to know days of the week mostly just based on our routine but he can tell you each day what he does. For example Monday morning he said "Today I stay home wif daddy and den tomorrow I say home wif daddy, den I go to school, den we watch pawpatrol, den it's baby doughnut day wif mommy!" That's pretty much his whole week and they watch paw patrol on Thursday's and he knows that is his one TV day at school.

My Aunt has so graciously offered to watch the twins for us one day a week. I almost cried when she told me. That will save us a big chunk of change a month on the daycare bill and give Grayson and I a built in day to run errands after work baby free.

My belly is growing,and so is my appetite. The babes must have had a growth spurt this past weekend because I could not satisfy my hunger, it was crazy. I tried to go healthy every other snack but when you go to the kitchen to get something to eat and see Bugles your pregnant brain will think of nothing else.

Someone said to me this past weekend they that they can "so relate to me because they had their babies 12 months apart,and that's like the same as twins" I just smiled and changed the subject because honey that's not the same as having twins. 1st of all the pregnancy is different as in the fact that you had 2 separate pregnancies and 2nd you didn't have two newborns at the same time. I'm not saying that she didn't have her challenges but it is still different.

Someone at work was talking badly about their spouse and I made the comment that if I ever found out that Michael talked that way about me when I wasn't around I would be crushed and they said how long have you been married? 6 years I said and they told me to give it time. I mean I sure hope not. I hope that we are not that disrespectful to each other and justify it by being married for so long.

We have had a pretty mild winter here by Buffalo standards however a few Friday's ago it got so bad that they shut down our office and so I went and got my sweet boy from school and oh my word it was really bad to drive in. I don't think I went over 20 mph the whole way home my normal 20 min commute took an hour and 20 min but my sweet boy the whole time kept telling me "it's okay mommy I'm here wich you your doing do good mommy I love you!" He was so good to me and kept me calm because there were for sure points where you couldn't tell if you were on the road or not.

Because of said snow when my parents had Grayson they took him sledding at the old middle school that has a long driveway that is a hill and he had a blast. He giggled the whole time and kept saying okay now I go again! I love that they take him to do such fun stuff and I really love that they take videos so I don't feel so left out.

Michael and I have all our shopping done for the twins and I may or may not have over done it by getting it all organized this past weekend. I have the clothes split up the bath stuff all ready and now next on my list is washing everything and putting it away although Michael says I'm not allowed to do that but we will see. Next thing on my list is packing my hospital bag because next week I will be in the 3rd trimester and ish is about to get real.

I'm taking Grayson to a hotel about half an hour away that has a water park in it this Saturday. My sister is bring Lib and B and my cousin is coming with her son. We got an awesome Groupon deal that included the hotel and water park passes. They have the best splash pad that Grayson can just sit in and play with B in so I will just be a spectator this weekend but still get to be with him. I think this is my last "big" thing I can do with him because I'm just getting that big.

I got my pistol permit on Monday. It's really anti-climatic for me because I can't shoot being pregnant. But at least I have it now and when I'm not pregnant I can start my target practice courses. 

Happy Tuesday!