Our WaterPark Adventure.....My last big outing

This weekend I took my last big outing before the babies come. My husband does not trust me to sit and relax and so he told me I'm not allowed to do anything on my own anymore unless him or my mom go with me. And to an extent he is right. I'm a get things done kind of gal and I really need to be growing these babies more than anything so with that I hang up my outings hat and plan to just take these next 6 to 9 weeks easy and snuggle my biggest boy as much as I can.


Friday- I scooped up my boy from school and we headed to the store to get snacks for our weekend away. If there is anything I have learned it's that kids are always hungry even 10 seconds after they just finished dinner they want a snack so we grabbed snacks and food for breakfast. Then it was baby doughnut time and we were headed home to a wonderful steak dinner with homemade potato chips. Yum just what I have been craving.

Saturday- We were up and dressed early, well Grayson was because my sister was taking him to the aquarium for a few hours.

She had gotten a free family pass for this weekend only and wanted to take Grayson. The aquarium is not that great but since it was free they went and he loved it ! Plus he loved looking at the Falls! I stayed home and got us all packed up to head to the water park.I took a shower, went through some packages that were for Grayson's birthday and just sat with my feet up the rest of the time. My Aunt stopped by with some cookies for the trip and some quarters for the arcade there. Then my Grandma and Aunt stopped by with some gifts for the twins, two beautiful homemade baby blankets from one of their friends and two Rock n Play's for the babies! I'm over the moon excited about those. Grayson came home while they were still there so they got to visit with them. He refused to nap I think he was to excited and then Mary Kay dropped off Libby and B. Michael and Mary loaded up all the kids and we headed out to pick up Aunt Halli. A quick stop for water and we were on the road. About halfway through the trip Grayson said "mommy I'm tired can I close my eyes?" Sure thing buddy and like that he was out.

 He got in a 45 min nap before we got to the hotel and checked in.
We headed up to our room got changed right away for the water park and headed down. It was insane. Thankfully we found a table and chair so I could sit and put my feet up but there were a ton of kids. Grayson was not a huge fan because all over the small wadding pool were buckets that dumped on you once they were full and home boy does not like water in his eyes. B and Grayson swam for about an hour and then we wrangled all the kids up to the room to change for dinner.

That was a cluster because the restaurant that is attached to the hotel has a menu on line I checked it before we left they had mac and cheese for the two boys so I figured okay all good. Well on that night they decided to serve a buffet that did not have mac and cheese on it. So after trying to find a restaurant that had mac and cheese and no wait we threw up the white flag and ran to Target (which was in the same parking lot as our hotel) and got the two boys some mac and cheese and myself a pizza and bread sticks and the three of us had a picnic dinner on the cooler in our room while the rest of our group went to the buffet, which they said was way over priced and not that good.

It was finally bed time and we were all sound asleep until midnight when we got a prank call and I almost lost my mind. Thankfully the kids in my room slept through it. They were up at 6:30 we ate some breakfast, jumped on beds, watched some iPad and then everyone but me headed back down to the water park. I stayed up in the room and relaxed. I was having some braxton hicks and was experiencing some swelling so I laid in bed with my feet up and both stopped pretty quickly. We packed up and checked out at 11 and then made our way home.

It was a fun weekend but exhausting being 27 weeks pregnant with twins. I came home and got Grayson down for a nap and then I just sat with my swollen feet up for the rest of the night. I'm glad I took Grayson he had the best time but I agree with my husband that was it. I just can't do all the running around anymore.

Tomorrow we have our sonogram so I can't wait to see the babies then!

Happy Monday!