February Goals

January was my try and breath month. I didn't make goals we had a ton going on so I just let it slide. We got a ton accomplished. Nursery cleaned out, and a two cribs set up. Now it's February and at the end of this month I will be in my 3rd trimester and all the advice says have it all together by the 3rd trimester so a goals list was just what I needed.

1) Make Michael Valentine's day dinner. We usually go every other year with making dinner. Last year he made me steaks and so this year it's my turn. He gets to pick anything he wants and I cook it for him. I'm excited because he usually picks something new!

2) Organize bathroom. I need this to be super functional and adding 2 babies to the family means a ton more towels and that giant baby tub is coming back into our lives. I have been working on a shelf a day and just need to get this finished up this month

3) Finish all the shopping for the twins. We still have some things to buy, even though our family has been amazing with the gifts we need, bottles, a car seat, a monitor that can have two cameras, more sheets, things for the room like lamps etc. so we have set a day that my mom is off of school and I'm taking a vacation day and we are spending the day getting everything checked off our list!

4) Do a craft with Grayson. I'm not much of a fun playmate anymore since getting down on the floor and up off of it take me a good hour but I can paint and color at the table so I want to come up with a fun V-Day craft for Grayson to make for Michael. Plus I'm thinking frosting some cookies will be fun too!

5) Clean out kitchen cupboards and fridge/freezer. Can I just say no matter how good I try to be about this I feel like every 4 months or so my cupboards look like a wreck with a million half opened bags of candy/chips and things just shoved in. I need to move some things around and get this running smoothly. My fridge isn't bad I just would like it wiped out and the freezer needs a good going through since I'm pretty sure there are about 4 boxes of half opened waffles.

6) Shampoo carpets. I'm thinking I need to hire someone to do this. I can't physically do it and Michael has no time. But our carpets upstairs need to be shampooed.

7) Write Thank You cards. Like I said above our family has been more than generous with the gifts for the twins and so I need to send out some cards.

8) Okay last one. Freezer meals. I have a list of meals that I want to make and freeze for when the twins are born. I just need to get a list of ingredients around so Michael can shop for me and then one day each weekend make a few meals and fill up our freezer.

I know it seems like a lot to get done but I think we can do.

And my Bumpdate will be up tomorrow since we have our ultrasound today I'm waiting to have all that updated info and pictures!