Bumpdate week 27

How far along? 27 weeks

Total weight gain: 43 pounds
Maternity clothes? Yes I had to buy some bigger tops because I’m so far out the ones I had were starting to get too short.
Stretch marks? Yup I’m for sure stretching out

Sleep: Knock on wood pretty good this week.
Best moment this week: I had a really sweet moment with my mom where she told me she was so proud of how I have been handling this pregnancy it was what I needed to hear Plus I could start using my clarisonic again for the beginning part of my pregnancy my face was so sensitive it hurt to use, thankfully that is gone and I can use it again!
Miss Anything? I can’t wait to sleep on my stomach!
 Movement: Yes two ninjas in there. And my stomach can take on any shape at anytime sometimes they move in opposite directions and man does that take my breath away

Food cravings: Raisin Bran I could sit down and eat a whole box. Still haven’t gotten that milk shake
Anything making you queasy or sick: I have had to cut down my meals and eat more often. I’m now eating about every hour and a half to stop with the reflux issue. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t
 Gender: Boy and Girl
Labor Signs: Nope

Symptoms: Lower back and hip pain. A crazy looking stomach and the being exhausted has returned. I could nap at any point in the day.
Belly Button in or out? Out
Wedding rings on or off? Off
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY!

Looking forward to: We have another sonogram on Tuesday and this weekend I’m taking Grayson away to a hotel/water park as our last little adventure just me and him.
Grayson: He asked to see the babies again so he will be going to the sonogram with us on Tuesday. He told me I don’t have to worry because he is going to be a superhero and take care of the babies. Sweet sweet boy.
The room is all cleaned out and ready for the clothes. I just need to wash and organize them all. My doctor has told me that I’m on a week to week basis when it comes to work. He will either give me the thumbs up or thumbs down every week if I’m allowed to go back or have to start staying home. I’m measuring 37 weeks so about 10 weeks ahead. Soon I will start to have more tests done like non stress tests and more frequent sonograms. His goal is 34 weeks. My goal is 37 he laughed when I said that because I have a history of a big baby that I need to be okay with them coming at 34 weeks. This is hard for me so I’m just trying to pray about it, take it as easy as possible and do what I can when I feel good. Overall I do feel pretty good, I just get tired really easy and get short of breath faster. I think the hardest thing for me with this pregnancy is that there are so many uncertainties, and being treated like a high risk pregnancy is so different. We are just so thankful to have had such an easy pregnancy so far.