Why we decided on a gender reveal party

I'm a firm team green girl. Really I am. I held strong the whole time I was pregnant with Grayson and we didn't find out boy until they pulled that sweet nugget out and they said It's a BOY!

I buy into the whole there are few surprises in life and this should be one of them! I preach it to everyone that No! Don't find out! Hearing it from you husband is the best! Plus torture your relatives! I'm kidding on that last one (kind of)

But then one October afternoon we sat in an ultrasound room praying to hear a heartbeat and we got one of the BIGGEST surprises of our lives that we had twins in there.

We went back and forth on finding out or staying team green. Finally we decided to find out. We went from team green to team twins. We have a lot to plan as it is. We thought we were set we saved all Grayson's baby gear but now? We have to buy a second set because we need two of everything. I have a nursery to get around, clothes to pull out and wash, I need more towels, more burp cloths, more sheets, bassinets, more bottles,and two more sets of hands.

Plus there is Grayson I think that if we can talk to him about his baby brother(s) or sister(s) that he can connect and understand it a little more.

But I didn't want my family to miss out. They love that moment when the Dad comes out / or into the room and says it's a insert your gender here! So we decided to find out with them.

This weekend we will be finding out at a gender reveal/diaper party what our nuggets will be.

And I know there are a million articles about having a diaper party but hear me out. Once we announced twins everyone asked what we needed, what could they help with. Then when we said we would be having a gender party they asked where I was registered. I did not want this to be a whole full blown shower. So my mom suggested  diaper party. I mean hey we need them anyway.

I'm excited. I have a hunch. We will see if I'm right. No matter what I'm excited about these babies and shopping because if there is even one girl in there then we need some pink in our lives!

I'm keeping it super simple. I did send out invitations and our short list was about 50 people. We are having appetizers and desserts only and the party is for 2 hours. From 3-5 we will have open bar and then after that I'm shutting it down. We will cut the cake at the halfway mark around 4 and then I'm sure people will head out right after because they only care about what the babies are. I have a bakery making me two cake toppers one for Baby A and one for Baby B and we will cut in and see either pink or blue. I have four mason jars and pink and blue M&M's  and people will vote for the babies gender before we cut the cake. Other than that NO games, not fluffy stuff just food and drinks and two very special cakes that hold some very important information.