Show and Tell Tuesday- Resolutions and such

How is it already 5 days into 2016? I don't even know where 2015 went.

Today I'm linking up with Andrea for an introduction and some Resolutions

I'm Katlin

I write about being a wife and Mom and all the crazy in between

I'm married to my best friend 
Seriously he's amazing
We have been married for almost 7 years and I love every second of it. We are both strong willed and give each other a piece of our mind whenever necessary. We both have OCD but in different areas so that works out great. He take care of my heart and I take care of his. He makes me laugh on the daily and I fill his belly with food. We have very limited time together because of work schedules but we soak up what we can. Our marriage is work but in the best kind of way, and I would trade it for anything in the world.

I have the best (I'm biased) 2.5 year old son Grayson. He is a spit fire and already has signs of OCD (he gets that from his dad haha) He knows what he wants when he wants it but he has the most sensitive heart. He knows if he was being naughty and is quick to apologize. If he sees someone upset he is quick with a hug. He is advanced in his language and can rattle off something that happened 3 months ago in full detail that child does not forget.

And I'm 20 weeks pregnant with twins! Completely spontaneous ( no drugs used) and completely a surprise we found out that we were growing our family by two. After the shock and my uncontrollable laughing we are over joyed and so thankful that we get to precious gifts.

I have a pretty amazing family too that does nothing but support and help us anyway they can. I'm so so thankful that we have such a great support system to help us in this crazy life.

Our life is full of crazy, hard times, and a ton of fun, we lean on our faith in good and bad times and we just love hard and crazy

So that's us. 

Now for 2016 I have a few resolutions

One- Enjoy the moment

Our family is about to get rocked when we bring home two babies and so I want to soak up this time and make the most of all the moments I can. I want to focus on the happy and the great things we have going on instead of worrying about the laundry or dishes.

Two-Organize my house

We need to be extra extra organized with having twins. I have a list of all the rooms that need to be organized and I'm excited to get this done ASAP

Three- Grow my relationship with God. 

I love going to church, and I know this sounds like an excuse but with my husbands work schedule it's hard for me to get there every week. I'm hoping to start an at home bible study with my husband so we can lean into our faith together. Any couples bible studies I should check out?

I can't wait to see what everyone else has planned for the new year!