22 Week Bump Date!

Snapped this right before I jumped in the shower last night and note to self that shirt is almost too short ha!

How far along? 22 weeks

Total weight gain: I’m up some absurd amount that my doctor is not concerned about details at the bottom
Maternity clothes? Yes maternity clothes with some regular tops still mixed in barely they are not becoming too short!
Stretch marks? No new ones. Using lotion twice a day morning and night.

Sleep: Off and on. So I talked to my doctor about the pelvic pain and he said that since I had a previous c-section that it was the scar tissue from that stretching and that Tylenol would help and a luke warm bath so I will start trying those
Best moment this week: Finding out we are having a little boy and a little girl. We are so excited and in love with the babies already. And finding out with family and hearing the cheers was amazing.
Miss Anything? Being able to roll over in bed without pain and stomach/back sleeping. My hips are feeling the side sleeping.
 Movement: Yes two ninjas in there. Michael finally felt them this week.

Food cravings: Turkey bacon with cheese melted on it and wrapped in a whole grain tortilla. It sounds weird but it’s delicious and healthy since I measure out one serving of cheese! Cottage cheese, yogurt and still peanut butter m&m’s
Anything making you queasy or sick: Pepperoni is a no no now. I had pizza over the weekend and the heartburn was instant cheese pizza for me from now on
 Gender: A prince and a princess! One of each!
Labor Signs: No and to be honest I wouldn’t know them if they hit me in the face. With Grayson I didn’t think I was contracting until I went in to be induced and I was having off the chart contractions. I never experience Braxton hicks so I have no idea.

Symptoms: A giant belly and the fact that the pelvic pressure has sent me into tears a few times this week.
Belly Button in or out? Flat. My belly looks fake
Wedding rings on or off? My band is off but my engagement ring is on.
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY!
Looking forward to: A night out with my man!
Grayson: He keeps saying that he doesn’t want to talk about a brother or a sister until he can burp them. Ha! I think he is getting sick of talking about the babies and not seeing them.  He did say one will be his to take care of and one will be Daddy's to take care of and he will feed them allll the bottles and burp them!

So after a rough week with Grayson being sick and an amazing weekend finding out the genders, I was super excited to go to the doctor this week. I went on Tuesday and got some pretty shocking news. I’m currently 22 weeks but my belly is measuring 30. That is 8 weeks ahead, and while measuring ahead by 4-6 weeks is normal 8 is something my doctor wants to look into. So in two weeks I go for a sonogram to check on the babies. His theory is that since I had such a large baby the first time (10 pounds 4 ounces) that my uterus knows what to do and just popped out all on its own, he also thinks that I have some large babies already in my belly so he wants to check on them. I’m hoping that’s the case because my eating has been pretty good this last month and to see such a big jump in my weight and my belly measurement was a shock. Thankfully my doctor is not concerned and just wants to keep an eye on everything.