The mystery solved

Around Thanksgiving time my sweet boy got croup. It was awful. Think fever, barking cough, runny nose and eyes and sleepless nights. We took him to the doctor and they told us it was at the tail end of it and that they wanted it to run it's course on it's own. Fine I hate putting him on medicine if we don't have to.

But the cough never really went away if he got to coughing it was still barky but it was so rare I didn't pay much attention to it.

Fast forward to New Years Eve and he is running around with his cousins and he starts wheezing and having the barking cough. Once he calmed down he was fine. We decided to see how he did during the night and he was fine, well the next night he was awful. As in woke up at 5 in the morning and couldn't catch his breath he was wheezing so hard. It was of course a sunday so I took him to Urgent Care and he got put on a steriod.

Then on Wednesday he wasn't better at all so I took him to his primary doctor and they gave him a nebulizer and said to do treatments before bed and in the morning, and to follow up in a week. My boy did these like a champ. He seriously was so good for the 8-10 mins that he needed to hold it in his mouth. However right after he was horrible. Worse than before. The cough and wheeze never went away. He sounded like someone having an asthma attack but his lungs were crystal clear.

So we went back on Wednesday and they told us that they thought it was an inflamed epiglotis and that we would need to see an ENT asap. I just wanted my sweet love to breath normal again and be able to play and have fun without having to stop and catch his breath so the next morning I called an ENT that works out of the Children's Hospital here and the first thing they said was that they were booking in March. I told them we had seen the DR before back when Grayson had sinus issues and she told me her soonest then was February but then she said let me see if we have any cancellations and just like that we had an appointment at 10:45 that day.

I got Grayson from daycare and my dad met me there to help with transporting Grayson in and out of the car and office. So we went in waited a sweet forever and the Dr. said that he does not think it is the epiglotis and that he things he does have some inflamation in his throat however nothing that can't be solved with a steriod. So we are now on the steriod and after one dose he made a huge improvement! Finally. I was having a small freak out because anything with the epiglotis that I saw online was not good and so we are thanful that it is a simple steriod. Plus our doctor said that his last resort would be to do a scope because he does not want to put him under.

I will say having him on the steriod has been no walk in the park. It was such a high dosage to get it cleared up quickly to prevent further damage that he was a hyenna. I mean he had so much energy, was a bottomless pit and just was a wild boy. He finished his last dose on Sunday night and I'm so happy to report we have our calmer boy back this week.Anytime it comes to the health of someone in my family I carry it super heavy on my heart, and being pregnant my hormonal mind was running crazy, I'm so thankful that it was a simple fix!