It's a........... Gender Reveal and the weekend

Friday night I scooped up Grayson and we got our baby donuts and headed home we had a simple dinner and then dipped some oreos in blue and pink chocolate to put on our desert table. I got everything around that I could for the next day so that I was not running around like crazy

Saturday we got up and lounged for a little bit wrapped the present for the birthday party Grayson was attending and then got our meatballs in the crockpot for the gender reveal later that afternoon. Michael got home early so I was able to jump in the shower and then my sister came and picked up Grayson to take him to the birthday party that was from 1-3 and then she brought him right over to our party that was from 3-5. We had a very busy day that day.

My mom came and picked me up and we headed to set up for the party and then Michael and my dad came later so that Michael had time to catch a nap and get ready.

We got everything set up, people started to arrive and then around 4 we cut the cakes!

I had this little guessing station set up and at the end the votes were 2 boys but we are having.....

One of each!  A boy and a girl!!!! I'm beyond excited as is everyone else. Baby A is our Girl and she is the bigger of the two at this point and Baby B is our boy. We have names picked out but will not be sharing those until delivery. After the party was all cleaned up we headed to Ed's ( a local dive bar) to celebrate a family birthday. I was exhausted so my saint of a mother offered to take Grayson overnight so that I could rest and get a good nights sleep.

I slept from 9-8:30 in the morning and I needed it. I for sure over did it on Saturday at the party and I was pretty sore all day so I sat with my feet up and binge watched some TV. It started to snow and once Grayson got home we just snuggled on the couch and enjoyed some quiet family time.

I'm so excited to know the genders and now it's all bring on some pink! We go to the doctors tomorrow and I can't wait to hear my sweet babes heartbeats!

Happy Monday!