My family

It's no secret that Michael and I have zero days off together, and yes it needs to be bold and underlined because sometimes it's just plain hard.

I know that it is what's best for our family, and he gets 2 whole days off with Grayson and 2 whole days at home to get stuff done so that give us 4 days where one of us is home for the whole day and we split household duties pretty 50/50 because of this.

Anyway a few Monday's back we were having windows put in the two upstairs bedrooms, Grayson's and the soon to be nursery for the twins. They had old wooden windows in the nursery and Grayson's one window had a broken latch so we decided for new windows in both rooms.

This posed a problem for nap time since they would be loud upstairs in either Grayson's room or the room right next to it.

Well it took one phone call to my Aunt and she was all over having him for a few hours and for nap so that he could still get some sleep.

My family is amazing at this. They help so much and make it easy for us to be able to do things that with a toddler are just harder.

My Aunt struggled a while back and I don't want to go into details because it is not my story to tell but her son just cut her our of his and his children's life for his wife who is addicted to drugs and disappears every so often to go on binges. Basically it's not a good situation and this holiday season is the first without them. So she is having a hard time. She thrives on kids, she loves having them around her, her house is a kids paradise with endless toys and cookies.

She asks every so often to just get to have Grayson for a few hours because it fuels her spirit. My family means the world to me and saves my butt a lot of days because I need to go get a sonogram and they don't let kids under the age of 10 in the room and I really would like my husband to go with me and they jump right in, to save the day and enjoy time with my boy.

And now with twins on the way they are over the moon excited to have 2 bundles of joy entering this family.

My family has always been close, we band together in tough times and stick together, we fight with each other but we would (and have) also fight for each other any day of the week. I grew up this way, close to cousins, aunts/uncles, grandparents. I thought it was normal.

Once I married Michael I realized that not everyone has that. My husband through no fault of his own does not have any contact with his biological father or mother. The only parent he has is his step-dad and he is not the type to just stop by he's a bachelor and lives that way. Michael is an only child so there are no siblings.

It took him a while to adjust to my family, we are big loud and in each others business, but we love hard and fierce, and when we had Grayson he got to see that love stretched out to us in a way he had never seen before.

I guess all this to say that I couldn't be the Mom I am without my family. They save me and I would like to think that we save them too. I'm just so thankful to God that we have the support of them.