A weekend with a cold

For once it was not my hometown getting hit with all the snow. I feel for the other places that got nailed with all that snow however I think it's funny that they shut down the and everyone stays home. In Buffalo, NY it's just another day and we still make it to work. I guess that just shows the difference in an area.

Anyway onto the weekend.

Friday was low key. I could feel myself coming down with a head cold. Grayson had a stuffy nose and I knew it was a matter of time until I got the same thing since we kiss a lot ha! We got baby donuts and headed home for hammy subs and snuggles.
All 3 of my babies, Grayson loves to lay on my bump

Saturday Grayson requested that we watch Ratatouille and so snuggled on the couch for the morning eating breakfast and watching out movie. Then we did all the laundry. I have not problem washing, drying and folding putting it away is my downfall. I had zero empty laundry baskets so I sucked it up away all our laundry and it felt so good after. Then Grayson went down for a nap and so did I. Aunt Halli and Libby came and picked him up to go play with the kids while we went to our annual football pool party. Let me just say being the only stone cold sober person in a room of 100+ people drinking will wear you down big time. We didn't stay as late as we usually do because we had to get Grayson and I was so thankful. Michael got sick on the way home ( I think it was combo of the drinks and the rich food) and so he went right to bed. Grayson however would only sleep for hour long stretches because he kept waking himself up coughing. Finally around 2 I brought him into bed with us so that I could keep him propped up to stop the coughing. I then went downstairs to sleep around 5:00 because A) both the boys were snoring. B) I had a sliver of the bed and that does not work with this big belly and C) I could not stop coughing myself. I finally got back to sleep around 5:30 and slept until 7:30 when I could hear Grayson yelling for me from the bed saying "Oh mommmy where are you?" He came bopping down the stairs saying " Oh good der you are I was looking for you eferywhere!" Sweet boy. He was coughing his brains out so I gave him some cough medicine. Michael made breakfast and then he got to work on cleaning out the soon to be nursery and I went back to bed. I was so sore and stuffed up my body felt like it had been through a battle.

My mom called around 9 and offered to take Grayson for his lunch and nap since we were all riding together to go to my Grandma's house for my Aunt's birthday. I jumped at the offer. Grayson and I headed over to my Aunt's house (which thankfully is like 3 mins from my house) to decide on a menu for my sister's bridal shower and then my Mom took him home from there and I went home and ate and took a nap. Michael made a run to the storage until and did the grocery shopping. Once he got home we both got ready really quick and then once my parents got there we headed to Gram's house for my Aunts birthday celebration. They live in the city and it house it tiny so with all of us in there it gets cramped. The kids played in the back bedroom and so that helped with caous. We had pizza wings and cake. Then once we saw that the Pats were defeated (yes!!!!!) we headed home. It was early to bed for everyone because the weekend wiped us out.

This week is hopefully a little slower. I'm hoping this cold leaves our house and soon and that we can get some more organizing done. Our second crib comes this week(!!!) and I then we can finish ordering all the other things we still need for the twins.

Happy Monday!