Our weekend

We had a nice low key weekend. I need those now my body is just so tired and I'm only at 20 weeks makes me a little nervous for the next 17 but I'm hopeful that I can keep on trucking along.

Friday- We got baby donuts and then went home and just relaxed. I was exhausted from pushing myself a little to hard the day before so I relaxed after dinner and just put my feet up.

Saturday- We had a super fun activity planned with Aunt Halli. We went to a new ceramics studio in Medina and let Grayson paint some stuff. He chose a train bank and a doggie like Riley. He painted to the dog black and then got bored so I had to finish that ha! He then moved onto the train and had the best time. I let him just go crazy and do what he wanted. We got home just in time for lunch and nap (which he has been fighting but then will pass out 10 mins after I bring him back down stairs). I caught a quick nap too and work on some laundry.

Then we had bath time and Grayson is really into cooking so I gave him an old whisk and bowl and he made me chocolate bubble pie in the bath tub that night. He was so very proud!

Sunday- We headed to church and Grayson was looking like a stud. He wanted his hair like daddy so we threw in some gel and headed out the door. We picked up Gigi and Libby and B and headed to church. The kids are pretty good for the first part of service. They are there for opening prayer, and opening song and then they do a children's moment up front where Pastor Beth talks to the kids about Jesus and the power of prayer and where Grayson proceeded to wave to me the whole time then all the kids go down stairs to the nursery and have snacks and play or watch veggie tales. The sermon was really powerful on Sunday and she talked about how if there is a gap between us and God is because we put it there not because God did and wow I needed to hear that yesterday. Once church was over we dropped everyone off and went home for lunch and naps and more laundry. I got some more rooms cleaned out of garbage. I have been trying to get a garbage bag out once a week of just stuff that we don't need.

This week is pretty busy. And this weekend we find out the gender of out two little babes! I'm so excited!!!

Happy Monday!