2015 was a big year. It knocked us down and we got right back up. 


We made the most of the winter and enjoyed the snow

We got our first hair cut in a salon and did awesome


I went to Wine about Winter

We bundeled up a ton and plowed our driveway Daddy's coat is always warmer

It was all about a big 2 year old and his birthday party

We got family pictures done and prayed for spring


We celebrated Easter with egg hunts and bunny cakes

Michael and I went on our first (and only) SNIRT run


We welcomed the sun and spent a ton of time outside

We started swim lessons and spend fun days with our cousins

We remembered our Papa

We celebrated Mother's day with the best gift ever


We celebrated my 28th birthday

We spent time outside and took a trip to Syracuse for Michael's work

June also rocked my world when we lost our baby at 9 weeks it make me lean on my faith and my husband and I came out stronger and a better Mom because I saw more than ever how precious a child is.


We celebrated the 4 th and swam our little hearts out


We took a trip for our anniversary to Toronto and had the best time doing whatever whenever. 


I found out I was pregnant and was sick almost from the beginning. 

Grayson moved up in rooms at school

And became an offically potty trained boy

We celebrated my Grandma's 90th birthday with a suprise party 

We picked apples

Celebrated Michael's birthday

Trick or treated
And .....

Got a pretty big suprise of TWINS


We spent time with family and being thankful for all the blessings we had

Oh and I got bigger


We did all the holiday things!



Holiday parties

Family time!

Hot Chocolate

2015 had ups and downs and I know that will happen in 2016 too. We are looking forward to our family growing by two previous babies in the New Year and soaking up the time with our Grayson as an only child unil then!