Saying goodbye to curls

My boy has a full head of hair.

He got his first haircut 2 days before his 1st birthday.

I will admit that for some ungodly known reason in my mom brain I didn't want it cut toooo short.

My best friend (and G's Aunt Tracy) cut his hair. She has her license from forever ago and was so honored when we asked her. I think it's just way easier when they are that little to do it with someone they know and in the comfort of our home.

So for his first cut she went conservative for me. I didn't want all of his curls in the back cut off. But she trimmed it for me and he looked super cute.

Now it's been almost 2 months since that 1st hair cut and I was ready for the beast that is Grayson's hair to be tamed. I told her to go shorter. I was nervous that he would be a busy body and we would end up with only half of his hair cut but my boy knows how to prove me wrong. We decided to try it with him just sitting in the chair by himself and he did so so good. I was so proud he sat the whole time and just babbled away picking up his little hair pieces and showing them to me.

I love his shorter little boy cut. My mother however says it is too short and that it makes him too big. Oh well win some lose some.