Over and Under

I'm overwhelmed and under the weather.

My throat feels like someone is stabbing it and it his radiating through my ears and my head. However here I sit at work because I just need to push through. I hate using vacation time for when I'm sick I would rather use it doing something fun.

I still need to post about my goodies from the Swag Swap and man did I get some good stuff. It was such a great experience and I promise I will post on Monday.

We are under a flood warning because it has been raining off and on now for 3 days. Which means that our yard cannot be mowed because it has standing water in it! Plus they can't finish getting the wood out from our trees being cut down because thunder and lighting with chainsaws don't mix.

It's the bachelorette party this weekend and I have a ton to do for it. I'm in charge of jell-o shots because I make them nice and strong. I need to get some champagne and wine for a basket we are doing for her. Is is wrong to take your 14 month old into the liquor store with you?

Grayson had the start of croup. I woke up to him yesterday morning gasping for air and barking like a seal. Thank goodness for our doctors office because they got him right in and started him on a steroid and he is as good as new today.

I'm counting down the days until next weekend because we have a wedding and my wonderful husband and I have 3 whole days off together. I cannot wait to get dressed up with him and spend some adult time dancing the night away.