Right Now

When I saw that Holly posted this it made my day a lot easier so here it goes

Wearing..... Black tee shirt because it's slimming and I'm so bloated I could float away jean Capri's because I didn't shave my legs and flip flops that I take off as soon as I get to work. I hate shoes

Watching......... Real Housewives of Orange County....... I watch clips when I first get into work sometimes

Wanting...........Chocolate and another canvas print. I love the one I got for Mother's day and now I want another one

Loving...... The weather. We have gotten so much yard work done and now I feel like the pressure is starting to go away a little bit. Plus its only a 4 day work week for me which is always awesome.

Testing..........How much ice cream I can eat in a week. I dream about a cyclone with vanilla soft serve and peanut butter cups all day errr day. It's a sickness really.

Laughing............ at this picture of my fat boy. He thought he was so smart hiding from me in the corner and every time I would look at him he would lose his shit and laugh like crazy.

What is everyone else up to right now on this wonderful Hump Day?