5 on Friday

It's Mother's day weekend and here are 5 things I'm looking forward too.

Michael kind of had to spill the beans on part of my Mother's day gift because it might not come in time but I'm so excited about my new canvas that is coming!!!
He ordered from Easy Canvas Prints and I can't wait to see how it turned out

My Momma and I are going flower shopping tomorrow. I love getting my hanging baskets and I always buy her one for Mother's day too so we will go pick it out together!

Tomorrow night my brother is part of a fundraiser for Relay for Life. Unfortunately for my family cancer has struck one too many times. I love that my brother goes out of his comfort zone and dressed in women's clothes for a beauty pageant to raise money for such a wonderful cause. 

Today at our daycare they had a lovely breakfast to go for all the mothers. It was so sweet and thoughtful.

My boys are finally on the mend and my house is returning to normal
That means that tonight and tomorrow afternoon is all about yard work!!! Thank goodness for some summer like days!

Happy weekend everyone!!