Make me laugh

It's been kind of heavy in my neck of the woods. I have a post written about it but I'm not 100% sure if I have processed it yet to the point where I can share. Does that make sense? Oh well. I needed a good laugh today so I went to the Humor section of Pintrest and well here ya go!

Google Image Result for http://www.bannedinhollywood.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/funny-ecards-bannedinhollyood-09.png

LOL! My life!!

Funny Confession Ecard: Bacon. You greasy, fatty, deceptively delicious, meaty bastard. I love you.

 your ecards, need to eat more healthy, first eat all the junk food, lol
 That moment when you're tired but as soon as you're in bed your body is like, "just kidding!" #funny #true

When you wake up in the middle of the night to pee knowing it's almost time for the alarm to go off and looking at the clock and it's only midnight...YES!