My Dream Weekend

I'm sure I have bitched said it enough times that my husband and I have zero days off together.

It sucks for us but since it has been that way since we got married it just makes us appreciate the time we have together even more.

When I got out of work on Friday I got my nails done and ran a few errands. I grabbed my nugget love from daycare and we headed home to get Michael
When I pulled in the driveway I almost cried. Michael had gotten all of our flower beds mulched, and edged and they looked beautiful.

We headed to dinner at my favorite italian place and then grabbed a few more hanging baskets and ice cream. It was the perfect start to the weekend.

On Saturday we got up early cleaned out the car and then packed G up for his overnight at my parents house.

Once he was all settled we got ready and headed to the wedding. Let me just say I love getting all dressed up with my husband

The weather was gorgeous and the bride even more stunning. We had the best time and partied until they kicked us out.

Sunday after my hangover meal (breakfast pizza) and a quick nap we finished up some yard work. Then headed over to my parents to see our nugget love and have a cook out!!!

Monday we spent low key Michael golfed, G and I ran a few errands and then we had a cook out at Chris and Tracy's.

I wish I could have every weekend with both of my boys it was that wonderful. The only downfall? I ate and drank like it was my JOB.