When my husband gets a crazy idea

My husband is such an outdoors guy. He grew up on dirt bikes and working on cars. We own a muscle car that is crazy fast and we take out on date nights.

When I met him he had his car, a motorcycle, and a 4 wheeler. Over the years toys have moved around and as of right now he just has the car. Which I would never let him sell in a million years! He has almost completely rebuilt that car and it is such a labor of love plus he picked me up for our first date in that car so it has some good memories.

Anyway about a month ago we were talking about getting a 4 wheeler again. One that was bigger, that we could both ride on and that could have a plow on it to plow the driveway in the winter. After going over out bills it just didn't seem to work right now.

Well fast forward to Monday and after shuffling some things around and paying off some debt.We figured out what we could afford, Michael called the bank we got approved and on Tuesday he picked out the wheeler he wanted called the guy and now on Friday him and Chris leave for a 6 hour drive to go look at and hopefully (most likely) pick up and bring it home.

I know get a night at home just me which never happens. I plan to paint my nails, make cookies, watch TV and start going through my closet.

This was one of the things I signed on for when I married Michael. He is very detailed yet quick.I mean we were only together for 4 months when he proposed! I knew then that my life would be made up of quick decisions and be full of fun.

Here is to having a 4 wheeler to plow the driveway and to spend sometime trail riding together!