What been going on

It's been a while since I have done a real update so here it goes.

Michael has the weekend off again and I'm starting to get used to him being around. He plays in a golf tournament on Saturday and then Sunday we are going canoeing. 

We are still chugging along on our yard work. We finally have the pool opened and cleaned now we just need it to warm up so we can start living in it. I personally love having a pool and I often hear that it is a ton of work to have one. Really for us it is about an hour a week that we spend maintaining it. It's worth it for all the happiness it brings.

We are hoping in the next week to get out vegetable garden planted. Michael is in the process of building me a raised garden box. I don't want to have to worry about weeds and so this is a win win.

The stumps are finally all ground and now we just have to clean up that mess. It's a work in progress but we get a ton done in the time that we do have.

Grayson is full on walking now. As in he just stands up and waddles to where ever he wants to go. I'm tempted to push him down but really it's kind of cool when he comes running over to me laughing.

I celebrated 27 years of being born. It was the best day with my husband and then I got to come home to my baby and really it was just perfect. I have ate like crap the past month but have surprisingly maintained my weight so I will call it a win.

Exercising has been non-existent but we recently bought Grayson one of those buggy things for the bike and are going to start going a few times a week. That is once we get all of our yard work done

Speaking of yard work. Michael got all into a few weekends ago with cutting down more trees on our hedge row and well he got poison ivy allll over him. It got so bad that he had to go the doctor to get a prescription. Poor guy. We are in the process of killing it all right now and getting rid of any that G could get to. Oh the joys of being a home owner.

I'm eyeballs deep in a bridal shower planning. I'm so excited but am finding that it is difficult to keep 5 other people involved in my every move since I'm the one doing mostly all of the leg work. It will all work out and I will do whatever I have to to make this the most amazing day for her.

My Mom is making some calls on other options for her surgery. I'm hoping that she can get the one that is done all in one day as opposed to the surgery that could have her going in as many times as it takes to get it out. We are praying and just spending time together.

I think that is it for now

Happy Thursday!