More than I expected- A Father's day tribute

When we first talked about having kids Michael's response was "Okay if that's what you want"

He was not very into. He is an only child and has never really been around babies or kids.He also had a different childhood and until we got married had no real desire to be a parent.

Even when our nephew was born he would not hold him until he had full head control and could sit up on his own.

So when we decided to pull the goalie I was excited and nervous. Through my whole pregnancy I would ask him "Can you believe we are going to be parents? I can't wait to hold this little peanut/nugget and kiss it all day long" He would always respond "Yeah it's great". He had no emotion.

I tried to talk to him about it and he always responded with he didn't know what to expect and he would be fine once I pooped out the baby. (If only it was that easy)

Well I didn't get to have a natural birth mostly because I was giving birth to a toddler not an infant. Once they ripped that toddler from my stomach he said something clicked.

He ran right over to that fat chunky boy and started talking to him. I remember very little about the c-section once they said it was a boy but I remember hearing Michael saying over and over again "It's ok your Daddy is here" Then he would yell to me "Babe he calmed down he knows my voice!"

Since I was numb from the boobs down and tore up from the floor up I was bed ridden for the whole afternoon/ night after having him. I was nervous that I would be begging my mom to spend the night with me because Michael didn't know how to change a diaper, or calm down the baby when he cried.

That man of mine walked right up the nurse and said "Okay he pooped show me how to do this" I cried big huge ugly tears because he was right once the baby came he was all good. He changed G's first diaper, and gave him is first bath.He never left my side and was the main care giver for Grayson.

He has learned how to do everything for our nugget that he can. Bath times are all him and he knows how to feed, change and dress that child (although his outfits are sometimes mis matched).

He is not only Grayson's Daddy but his best friend. The boys came to visit me at work the other day and Grayson reached for Michael and one of the girls I worked with said "That has got to kill you that he chose Michael over you" To which I responded. "Nope he exceeded all of my expectations and then some I'm glad he has such a good Daddy"

I have never seen it as choosing one over the other but personally it makes my heart so happy and brings tears to my eyes when I see that. The bond those two have it is so strong and amazing I'm honored to watch it grow.

So here is to you Michael, an amazing father, our boys best friend, our families rock and my hero. I love you!