Friday Favorites

When I first got pregnant with Grayson I got the same questions all the time " So will you work after you have the baby?" I always answered yes while secretly hoping there was a way I didn't have to.

Michael and I sat down and tried to figure out our finances but I'm a princess and refused to give anything up. I loved my new Jeep with 4 wheel drive and I neeeeeded that. Basically we spend what we make like most household in 'merica. So I just knew I would have to keep working and that we would have to find something to do with our nugget.

He started at daycare when he was 8 weeks old and a few months after being there it all went down hill. So we switched even though it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do at the time. Now holy crap is it the best decision we ever made.

So I'm listing my top 5 reasons I love our Daycare today because it makes my momma heart feel a little better knowing how much fun he is having and that they love my baby!!

His teacher Miss.Jenny always always always calls him sir. Which puts the biggest smile on my face. Every morning we walk in and she says " Well good morning Sir!" And then my kid reaches for her. He loves going there and playing with his friends. I can count on one hand the times he has cried when I have left daycare and most of the time it was fake.

They keep us so informed. Grayson will be moving up to the next room on July 2nd and they sent home the best letter explaining why he was moving up and what to expect. I love knowing what is going on and it just makes me feel like they really do have his best interest at heart

They do prayer time. Even with the babies and they read bible stories. I love that God is such a big part his day there.

They have the best summer schedule planned out.

Sorry for the blurry iphone picture. But I mean come one Splish Splash week!!!!

The crafts they do! I now have his little one year old hand and foot prints in the shape of a bird for all time!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend we have a birthday party and then it is just family time!!