At this rate there won't be a second one

That was my response to my mother when she told me I would be so prepared for my second child.

Grayson is an easy baby. Hands down. He is happy and a lover and all boy because he climbs and bangs around with the best of them.

But you see he seems to always be getting some weird freak cold, or ailment.

For example. I get home from work last Tuesday, we are playing in the living room all 3 of us when G climbs up on the couch. He starts climbing on Michael and Michael grabs his ankle. Then out of the clear blue he says

"oh yeah check this out" I look at his ankle and sweet baby Jesus hold me it looks like he got burned.

I take a picture.................and send it to my Mom. Don't forget people I'm a 5 year old and whenever anything goes wrong I call my Momma and cry or scream for help.

She googles it and tells me it is a bite that got infected. OK fine then I look at his foot and within the last half an hour it has swelled to twice the size and turned red and is hot to the touch. Crap! Now we have to promise our lives to whatever god gets us into the doctors or go to Urgent Care. I thank the sweet Lord above because we got into the doctors within the hour. And sure as shit a mosquito bite got infected. So onto an anti-biotic we go.

But if we did not suffocate our kid you would never know he had that. He laughs, he climbs, he sings, he yells, throws his entire dinner on the floor and then yells "UH-OH" 800 bagillion times.

No flash forward to Sunday night and I wake up to the worst sound in the entire universe. My baby boy gasping for air and then barking like a seal. Michael rushes in there (while running into the door, he forgot where he was) I run downstairs grab fresh ice water and we get him calmed down and back to sleep. One work flashes in my head Croup. But then not another peep from him all night. And? When he woke up? Fine like he had just had the best night of sleep in his life. Michael called the doctor and they said if he was not coughing anymore then he should be fine. Well what do you know Monday night around 7:30 he starts wheezing again. He was up off and on all night and so we called the doctor first thing in the morning.We got in later in the afternoon and yes he does have Croup but they did not put him on a steroid. Why? Because he is at the tail end of and should be able to fight it off himself. Last night he was up a few times but only for 5 minutes at a time so it wasn't that bad. This morning he woke up with a fever but I'm guessing it was from is 3 shots he got yesterday.

Which side note did you know that once they start walking they give them shots in their arms??? I would think that that hurts worse than his fat chunky arms!

So here is to hoping that my child is on the mend

Being a parent is scary shit guys! Thank God I have my mother, and my husband who obliges me to run to the doctor allll the time. But at this rate #2 keeps getting pushed back farther and farther. (I'm kidding, kinda)