The weekend

Friday night I was solo. Michael was on one of his quests to get a 4 wheeler which left me and the fat boy home alone.

I thought all day about who I could call to come over/ go see so that I wasn't home alone all night but then I decided that I could do it alone and we stayed in.

I picked up takeout and ran to the store for a few things and then we stayed in just the two of us. I have mentioned it here before that my kid is a super picky eater. He does however love this macaroni and cheese from a local restaurant. I wanted a stress free night so I got him that to eat. He gobbled it up and then decided all the extra cheese was good hair gel. I mean this kid was covered in cheese but I let it go and he kept his cheese hair until bath time.

I knew if I could get through bed time then it was smooth sailing and I could collapse into bed. Friday's are always a bad night for me because the whole week catches up with me. I was in bed by 8 catching up on some tv shows. Michael called me at 10 to tell me that they got the wheeler and were heading back home.

He slept at Chris's house for a few hours and then got home around 9. It was nice to have him home on a Saturday. After lunch and nap (for him and Grayson) we went swimming. I'm so glad we invested in a pool last year. It is seriously one of my favorite things to do as a family.

Sunday Michael was back to work and we stayed in the house for most of the day. It was so muggy out that you started to sweat at soon as you stepped outside. We headed to my parents for dinner. They had Libby because they are taking her on a trip to Corning, NY to go to the glass museum. My mom took her and Grayson in the pool before the thunder and lightning started.

Once we got home it was time to just relax with my husband. I really miss him when he's not away.
This week is full of bridal shower prep and house cleaning since I neglected it this weekend.

Happy Monday everyone! And cheers to a short work week!!!