My bedside table

We went last week and got iPhone 6's. We had the 4s and so it was time for an upgrade. Plus it had been 3 years since we got new ones. 

So one day after work we headed to the Sprint store and walked out in less than an hour and no money down with new phones.

As with new phones there is a learning curve and getting adjusted period. Somethings have changed and one night I accidentally snapped this picture of my bed side table.

I almost deleted it and then I thought about how this little space says so much about me.

First thing I notice is that sticker. Grayson got it on a trip to Walmart and he kept it on the whole day. Well he woke up the next morning with it still on and he wanted it off right that second so there it went on my side table.

Next would be that nice monitor that hums in my ear all night and lets me know when my boy needs me.

Next up is all the books. 
Total Money Makeover- I refer back to this all the time while we are on our debt free journey
The Happiness Journal- I write in this sometimes but not nearly as much as I should
Not A Fan- This book is amazing and one that I read when I need a good does of faith
My Bible- It's just plain good 
My journals that I write in when I need to get my prayers out 
In this House we giggle- I love this book it is working wonders on my heart as a Mama

Then I see my 2 tubes of chap stick Burt's Bees to be exact because it just works the best overnight. The vanilla bean smells like a cupcake!

The bookmark that is made out of my Papa's obituary that I use to help me read or as a bookmark. I had just finished a book and so it was on my table waiting for a new book to go in. 

A random wrapper from the last time Grayson and I were in there folding laundry and he wanted a zebra cake so I let him eat one and watch Peppa Pig while I did some folding.

A Yankee candle (cranberry chutney smells delish), a random target vase and my lotion that I rotate to use before bed at night and the TV changer which is normally on Michael's side but I must have gone to bed after him so threw it on there.

If I was to see this bed side table and it belonged to someone else I could conclude 3 things

1- There are kids here and they rule the roost they are found in every room and leave little memories everywhere.

2- This person is working with the Lord. 

3- They love things that smell pretty.

It's messy, it's all over the place but man it's mine and I love looking at it and my first thought is Grayson. 

That little boy has stolen my heart and I'm so blessed and thankful that the Lord trusted me with him. 

So there it is a post about nothing but my bedside table and a little peak into my world.