Friday Random

Sometimes it's nice to just write about what is going on.

So here it goes.......

I took Grayson to the store with me to grab a gift card. We can into Dollar General the store I have a love/hate relationship with. The isle's are so crowded and there are a million and one things for Grayson to grab. Needless to say he grabbed tic-tacs, a phone charger and certs all within the first 2 seconds of being there. Once I got him wrangled he asked for a "Dora ba-la-loon" (balloon) I agreed since he had gotten a super good report from school that day. And hey it was a dolla so why not. So we get the balloon, the gift card, and the cards I needed for father's day and head to checkout. Where he grabs to candy bars and laughs because he knows it's naughty. Anyway we get cashed out after lots of redirection and head to the car where he does not want to hold my hand in the parking lot because he wants to run! So I grab his arm and the whole time he is yelling "no mommy no touching my arm, mommy stop grabbing me" So I grab his shirt and he hates that even more. So we get to the car and I try to hold his hand while I open the door and what does my kid do? He. lays. down. Like in the parking lot lays down and so I step over him open the door pick him up and put him in the car.

My next stop is the post office and I only had 2 envelopes so I just put them in the drive thru drop off bin and we didn't go in. Well that resulted in the balloon being thrown and a 10 min crying session of him repeating " I wanna go to da post office mommy take me in der mommy puhleeeese" He calmed down when we saw a school bus but lordy be those 20 mins from the time we went into the store until the school bus just about did me in.

Some other random tantrum moments from the toddler in my life include

- crying because I was wearing a zip up hoodie
-crying because he wanted the box of donuts right next to him not in front of him
-crying for a donut even though he had one in his hand
-crying because I took his socks off to get in the bath tub and he wanted to wear them
-crying because he didn't put his bike away in the exact same spot

It has been an interesting few weeks with the temper tantrums coming out but we work through them. I'm trying to practice patience and just walk through it with him.

Michael and I are starting to plot our next date night. Not even to go out just to be able to eat dinner and watch a movie and sleep in. Not sure when it will happen but we are hoping sometime soon.

Our pool is out of control. The wind and rain have gotten it over filled and cloudy again. We have horrible cotton wood trees by our house so now I need to fish all of that our of the pool before we can swim.

I'm so behind on laundry. Like haven't touched it since we came back from our trip to Syracuse. Saturday is operation wash all the clothes and organize closets.

We have family pictures coming up in about a week and a half and I'm hoping to have our outfits finalized soon so that if we need anything I can get it before that day unlike last time where I waited until the day before.

I'm hoping for lots of outside time this weekend with my boy and playing in the sandbox and blowing bubbles.

So excited to celebrate our two dad's as well as the most amazing father Michael this weekend