Today is my 28th birthday.

I always sit the eve of my birthday and reflect on where I was 5-7 years ago. 

21 I feel like is really the marker year to look back in think wow look how far I have come.

3 days before I turned 21 my boyfriend and I broke up. I was upset but was not going to let it ruin my birthday.
When I was 21 I was excited to have my first legal drink. I chose to rent a limo and have my family only come with me. I loved this then and even more now because I don't look back and have some ex boyfriend with me. 

We drank way to much, we danced, we laughed, we still have inside jokes from that night and it was a blast.

I remember my wish that night. When I blew the foam off my birthday beer (it's a family tradition to blow out the foam and not the candles we are weird) I wished for my happily ever after. 

I know what I thought that was in my head. 

But the vision in God's head was so much more.

Less than 2 months later I met Michael. Totally random, unexpected and wonderful all at the same time.

Flash forward to 22 and I was engaged living in my new house. 

Now at 28 I'm still madly in love with that man that God placed in my life. We have a gorgeous son who changed our lives and we are living our happily ever after.

21 is my marker to see how far I have come, but it really is a testimate to God and his plan because he knew what he was doing all along.

My wish for this year is that when I look back next year I will still be doing what I'm doing now raising my babies, spending time with family, and growing in God everyday