June Goals

I fell off the goal wagon.

And today I'm hopping back on.

Writing out goals for the month really help me keep moving so here goes nothing

1- PLANT GARDEN BOX- I know it's kind of late to plant however we had a frost so I held off so that I didn't lose all my plants. My plan is to plant it one night this week. It's only 5 plants (3 tomatoes 2 peppers) so it shouldn't take me too long. I already have my herb pots planted and we have been enjoying those!

2- FINISH FRONT PORCH- I put some TLC into our front porch this year. I put a nice bistro table set up there and got a plant stand for our herb pots plus I added a bunch of hanging baskets. It's a nice place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or a night cap. Now I just need to clean it up and put a few last pieces out.

3-TAKE FAMILY PICTURES- This is a freebee. I already have these scheduled for the end of June. My whole family (brother and his family, parents, sister, and grandma) will be participating. This is really for my Grandma. She will be 90 in October and I want a big family picture of us all so we can surprise her for her party.

4-SWIM- Our pool is open now we just need weather to stay warm so we can enjoy it. I know Grayson will love being in the pool and I'm ready to be in it with him

5- TAKE FAMILY TRIP /  EAT SOMEWHERE NEW- This is half a freebee. We have a trip planned to Syracuse for Michael's work. Grayson, my dad and I will be tagging along. However Michael lived in Syracuse for 10 years and so we are going to try a new restaurant in the area that none of us have been to. 

6- BAKE SOMETHING FUN WITH GRAYSON- this boy loves to be in the kitchen. I'm going to find a fun cake or cookie to make with him. I just know I will cherish those moments with him forever

7-DATE NIGHT WITH MICHAEL- We have a few days off together and I'm hoping we can squeeze in a date night. Even if it is one that we stay at home and watch a movie.

Another few things 

Celebrate my birthday
Celebrate my sister's birthday
Celebrate father's day