Workin' it Wednesday 02/2017

Linking up with Shay today to talk about workin' it in marriage

Marriage is hard, messy crazy, frustrating, and a constant work in progress.

Marriage is beautiful, fulfilling, loving, and a safe place

My marriage is all of those things.

We work at our marriage and I'm not ashamed to say that. 
We know a married couple that wants their marriage to be easy and guess what they both complain about the other one all the time. But since they don't want to work at their marriage they don't ever talk to each other. Well I say no thank you to that.

Just to give a quick re-cap of how we met. We were both at a local bar one night I tried to butt in front of him at the juke box and we started talking. We dated for four months after that and then got engaged and were married 8 months later. Almost exactly a year after we met. We bought a house and then 4 years into marriage we had Grayson and the crazy really started.

A few things we have found that help our marriage stay connected and strong

1- We are in contact through out the day
Since Michael gets up and leaves before I'm even thinking about getting out of bed I call him on my way to work. We text throughout the day. I call him on my way home. We check in on each other. See if there is anything one of us needs. Even if it's a simple text. We are in contact. 

2- We are a team. When we had kids we realized we needed to unite or those little people would divide us really quick. So when he distributes a treat or punishment I back him and vice versa. That's just how it is. To go along with this our family of 5 comes first. No matter what we do what is best for our little unit above anything else.

3-We are each others support system. That man has my back no matter what. I get some crazy ideas and he lets me work through them and supports me no matter what. And I support him because no one is crazier than Michael Smith. Trust me. I hear it all.

4- We respect each other. There isn't one that has a say over the other. We are equal partners. We run everything (well almost) by each other. If it's a big decision that will impact our family we work through that together, and if we can't come to an agreement well then we pray.

5- We seek God. Our relationship has changed a lot in the past few years and 2017 has already shown a ton of growth. We are reading through The Bible together (but separate if that makes sense) and I can already tell a difference in how we are with each other, arguments pass quicker and we are showing each other a little more grace.

6- We still write each other love notes. I have a journal that we write back and forth in. It's not everyday but usually once every week or two. It's sweet and I love it.

One other random rule we have. We NEVER EVER talk bad about each other behind each others back. I have seen way to many times people complaining about their spouse and I just feel like that so un-productive. We talk to each other if we have an issue. Because I know I would be crushed if I ever walked in a room and heard Michael talking bad about me.