My sweet little nuggets are 9 months old. Where does the time go? I feel like I just had them and now they are getting teeth, crawling everywhere and still holding onto the blond and red hair along with blue eyes.

*Also in writing this post I feel like a horrible mother. I have like 3 pictures I have taken in the last month. Fail. Huge big big fail. I need to document them better. This weekend my one and only goal was to back up my phone and makes space so that I can take all the pictures. And I did it so bring on the pictures

First up Sissy Girl

Oh sweet girl. I just love you. Your are so beautiful. Your blue eyes and auburn hair slay me. You have the best crinkle nose smile that I get whenever I greet you in the morning, or pick you up from daycare. You for sure know I'm your Mama and get to me as fast as you can. However I will say that Daddy still has your heart, but it's a close second for big brother Grayson. Those two rock your world. You lay your head on them and snuggle anytime one of them picks you up and you laugh when they walk in a room and kick your legs with excitement. You have been our little stubborn one. You took forever to put weight on your legs and you still are not crawling. But wait you army crawl faster than your brother regular crawls. You just like to do you things your way and in your time. God is teaching me a lot through you and so we are learning together. Your my water baby. You love the bath it's your favorite time of the day. You love to take them with your big brother because he splashes you with water and lets you chew on a matchbox car. We can't put you in there with your little brother because you two like to crawl on each other and try to use each other to stand up, yeah that's not so good in water. We went to the doctor this past week and you are weighing in at 16 pounds 8 ounces and 27 inches long. Your a peanut(compared to your brother) and have the tiniest little waist but you need 12 months for your length so all your leggings are saggy in your hips and butt. We have now started calling you Sissy peanut. Which speaking of what we call you it's Sissy 90% of the time. It's the one that has stuck. The other 10% it's Charlotte or if your Grayson Charlips.

Your my eater. You grunt and squeal until we give you food off of our plate. So far you have tried and loved meatloaf, sausage, eggs, ham, cheese, pizza, hummus (oh how you loved hummus), cottage cheese, baked potato soup, pancakes and banana's. You love all food and now that you have two teeth almost all the way in (about halfway right now) it is on to the pasta and breads! Yahoo! You still fight your bottle sometimes but get between 20-24 ounces a day. Plus still two baby food stage two meals and oatmeal twice a day. Your a good eater my love and for that I'm so so thankful.

You are my more fitful night time sleeper but a better napper. You play pretty good by yourself but if your quite it just  means your emptying whatever bin you got your hands on. You miss your baby brother when he is not around. Last month he went to daycare and you stayed home and oh girl you were so happy when he finally came home. You scooted right over to him and chewed on his finger which I'm guessing is a sign of love in your little twin world.

I never knew how bad I wanted a girl until I had a girl. I can't wait for the days of dance classes and twirly dresses. I'm so so in love with you baby girl. It is truly a blessing to be your Mama.

I love you sweet baby girl
Love Mommy


My sweet baby boy. Yes, your the baby but your the brute. You are just giant and I love it. Your blue eyes are to die for and your hair can't decide what color it wants to be, most days though it's dirty blonde. And those dimples. You can get away with anything when you smile that big smile and tilt your head to the side showing off the deeper of the two dimples. Sigh I'm in trouble with you. You are a Mamma's boy for sure. You weighed in at 19 pounds even and 28 and 3/4 inches. Big boy! The past few weeks you have become the kid that screams when we leave the room. If you see one of us walk out of the room and your left behind the gates your sweet little world is ending, and it does not stop until we walk back in the room and pick you up. D.R.A.M.A. But we still love you. Bath time you like but getting you out is torture. You shiver (even when it's not cold) and screech until you have a bath toy in both hands. Dressing you is a task in and of it self because you just.can't. sit. still. You are so nosy you have to try and roll over to see what is going on behind you. sigh you get that from you cousin Libby.

Your big brother is the one who gets the best giggles out of you. He pretends your a puppy and flips you on your back and scratches (tickles) your stomach and you just laugh and laugh. And it's that good deep belly baby laugh that I just love. He is pretty much your number one source of entertainment. It makes my heart all happy they way you two love each other. You even have your own song called Bubba and Brubba. He sings is to you all the time and it is just so sweet. We call you Marshy most of the time but Bubba is a close second (your big brother is Brubba) and Marshall man is another one that I use a ton.

You are a good eater just like your sister but you take forever. You get so easily distracted, get bored and then are back into two seconds later and then you get bored again. You eat more formula than your sister coming in at about 26 ish ounces a day. You love food just as much but always make that shudder face when trying new food, but still open up your mouth for more so we keep feeding you. You are so so mobile. You crawl every where and loud! We can hear you coming it's the funniest thing. You pull up on everything and walking along furniture and have recently started to go one handed with letting go for a few seconds here and there. Not going to lie I don't know if I'm ready for you to walk yet but I know it's coming sooner rather than later.

Your my good night sleeper, naps are here and there with you. Of course you and your sister are opposite. You don't like to be swaddled (unlike your sister who loves it) but you do that best butt in the air sleep ever. Your in size 12 month clothing and I just love seeing all the handme down's on you.

Bottom line sweet boy. You were meant to be the caboose to our family and we are so in love with you. I'm so blessed to watch your relationship grow with your big brother and your sister and just see who you become my sweet little charmer with the best dimples. I love you so big Marshy Moo.