Let's confess somethings today

I can't remember the last time I moped my floors.........I know it was after Christmas but I can't remember for real so there's that. But in my defense I spot clean them sooooo much because someone is always spilling/spitting up/snotting everywhere that they get cleaned with a baby wipe often. Just not all at once

I hate showering on the weekends. If we have no where to go I will always take a quick shower after my work out but I will not wash my hair. I'm not a shower person. I don't stand there and take hour showers. I get in do what I have to do, while trying to do the minimum, like if I can skip a hair wash I do! and get out. I have other things to do!

I let Grayson take hour long baths on the weekends in the middle of the day. Sometimes Mommy needs a breather to eat lunch in peace so once the babies go down he goes in the tub. I can see him the whole time but I'm in the other room eating without being interrupted. Once I'm done I grab a load of laundry and fold that while he is still in the bath. Last Sunday we changed the water 3 times.

I said I was going to start a diet the first of the year and well it's complicated. I have cut way back on carbs and sugar, but I'm still enjoying pizza Friday's (in moderation). I just want to be happy and going on a super strict diet makes me hangry and I just don't want to do that again. Plus I gave up all soda so there's that.

I'm turning 30 in June and it really is not bothering me.  I get more upset thinking of my big boy turning 4 and my babies turning 1 than I do turning 30. Truth is my 20's were pretty amazing I met Michael, we got married, bought a house and had all our babies. So I'm just not phased by getting older because I have a feeling it's just going to keep getting better.

I'm still reading my One Year Bible. But I'm like 3 days behind. I have plans to catch up this weekend and I'm really enjoying it.

I want a Starbucks Frappucino like super bad. But the calories and the closest Starbucks is like half an hour away so it saves me from all that mess. The downside the nearest Target is also half an hour away.

I'm obsessed with planning our summer trip. We are taking a family vacation early in August but then later in August just Michael and I are going away and I'm beyond excited!!! I need a trip and 3 days of solid sleep.

I should probably be getting the babies off of baby food all together however we still have some and I will not waste it. So they keep eating it until we run out!

Speaking of the twins I do not want them to grow up but I'm ready for the bottles to be done. Really the whole washing and making and labeling for school well I'm just over it. We are in the home stretch!