Registering for Pre-K (!!!!!!)

If I could put that wide eye face emoji in my title I would because that's how I feel right now.

I filled out and mailed this sweet little application in last Friday. Sigh where does the time go? Didn't I just have him?

My first born, the one that made me Mama is going to be starting Pre-K this year. In September I will have to put my heart on a little school bus and send him off.

I'm struggling with this so bad. Even worse than daycare. Why?

Let's start with the whole riding a bus thing. Yes let me say that again. Riding.a.bus.all.by.himself. To and from school. It's a small bus just for the Pre-K program, but riding with a stranger, with someone not family. Makes me just a little un-easy. This worry of mine is going right in my prayer journal because I need to give it over to Him.

Next on my list of making my heart ache. He won't be with me everyday. On days that he is not home with Michael he is with me riding to work and then with me riding home from work. I'm going to miss the "Mommy your sweet and beautiful and I love you so much like to the moon so much and can you play that home song please?". That. I'm going to miss that. I'm going to miss baby doughnut Friday's. It's just going to be an adjustment. I'm losing time with him and it makes me sad.

I won't be just down the street. Right now I'm less than a mile down the road from him. It's really about half a mile and if need be I can be to him in less than 2 mins. Now we are miles apart. He is like 15 mins from me and to me that seems like oceans.

I won't be picking him up anymore. Now I know I still have 2 other little ones to pick up everyday. But seriously getting Grayson from daycare at the end of the day is one of the best moments of my day. He runs to me, hugs me, and then we discuss the rest of the night. I won't get that moment with him at the end of my long work day.

But I know in my Mama heart he is more than ready for this. He struggles with bed time when he has to take a nap (which they still do in his nursery school room at daycare) and so with going to Pre-K he will be eliminating that. The Pre-K program in our school district is half day and so he will be getting on the bus from our house and my angel of a father has offered to come and get him on the bus the 2 days a week that Michael isn't home or Mema isn't watching the twins. He will get to be home and play outside more. He is ready. We went back and forth on keeping him in daycare and having him go to that Pre-K or switching to the school district and we decided that the school district is best. for a few reasons

1. It's free. All the praise hands for reducing that hefty daycare bill every month
2. This is the school that he will attend through his whole school career.
3. We feel that this will make the transition to kinder smoother because he knows the building and kids
4. I think he is ready for a more standard school setting, with teachers and more than 10 kids in his class.

I love our daycare, the people there truly do love our babies and are so sweet. But it is still a daycare and so I think he is ready to be with teachers and have a more school like structure.

We have prayed about this and we know it is what's best for our family and best for our biggest boy. I'm just going to pray a little bit more about my fears and I know that they will be resolved.