We got a van!!!

Words I didn't think I would ever type. That I drive a mini-van. A soccer mom car if you will.

I loved my Jeep. I knew it would be fine for 2 kids. I was content in keeping it until it was paid off and then getting a different car. I just loved it that much.

Then October 27th we found out we would be having 2 babies and that equals 3 car seats and my wonderful Jeep just didn't cut it anymore.

We did a ton of research. Weighed our options. Looked into a ton of different cars and even bounced around the idea of trying to make my car work.

But then it hit me. I'm alone in the mornings. It is just me that will have to load 3 kids into a car and trying to cram them all into my small (ish) jeep was not something I wanted to battle 3 mornings a week and in the winter.

So I knew where I wanted to go and that was a mini-van. I wanted AWD and that narrowed me down to the Toyota Sienna.
Image result for toyota minivan

My cousin sells cars so we contacted him and set up an appointment and went up to test drive. We loved it right away.

The room!
The automatic sliding doors!
The captains chairs!
3rd row!

Plus a ton of other things we just knew it was our vehicle that we needed. So we went back in and talked trade and financing and walked out with the car 3 hours later. Just like that I was a mini-van Mama.

And I'm so okay with it. Grayson at first didn't like it he wanted the Jeep back but now he loves the doors the room he has and that he can climb up in the van himself.

As we pulled away from the dealership we laughed because here we are in the next phase of life about to parents to 3 kids and loving every second of it!

We all went up to the Rain Forrest Cafe in Niagara Falls this weekend and my parents, sister and her finance, and the 3 of us all road up and no one was crammed in anywhere.

Now that will only last for a little while because in 32 weeks (give or take) we will have 3 car seats!!!

Here's to joining the mini-van club!