How being pregnant with Twins is so so different.

When I found out it was twins I didn't think much of my body. I thought oh crap 2 babies and all the things we needed and how would I ever sleep again and oh the diapers and oh twice the babies to smell and smooch and watch grow. You know all that stuff.

Then around week 10-11 I started to pop and someone made a comment that I was already "soooo big" I was slightly offended and just brushed it off. Then at 12 weeks I could not get comfortable sleeping and grocery shopping was knocking the wind out of me. My body felt like it had been through the ringer.

I was so so confused. Why was this happening? I remember moving and grooving with Grayson all the way up until 37-38 weeks. Granted I was slower but my body wasn't achy and I could still grocery shop and clean my house. Now? Not so much

We went back to the doctors on 11/24 and I asked him about the pain I was in and he just laughed at me. I guess that is normal with twin pregnancy's. That being on my feet actively moving longer than 20 mins is not recommended. That lifting anything over 10 pounds is not good. That I will show a ton sooner. That basically twin pregnancies skip some steps and you get pregnancy symptoms sooner.

Who knew? Not me and it kind of makes me sad. So now I have a goal set for myself that I want to be able to do my normal things until week 20. I'm almost 16 weeks so that give me a good month of still grocery shopping, and doing my normal things. However I will not be lifting. I made that mistake of trying to pick up a box of Christmas decorations and felt it in my back so that is done. I do carry Grayson because he is not dead weight he holds onto me so it's not as bad. Plus I think my body is used to that.

The other thing that I never had with my first pregnancy sciatic nerve pain. This time holy moly. So so painful. I was in tears last night over it. I called my doctors office and the nurse said I could use a heating pad on my back for 20 mins every 2 hours on the lowest setting. I did that and it helped a little bit but as soon as the heat was off it came back. It doesn't matter if I'm sitting or standing it's just there. The other thing that they said that I'm going to try tonight when I get home is laying on my back with a ton of pillows under my legs to try and get those babies to move off that nerve.

I guess I was naive, to think that I would breeze through this without any physical changes. But I know that God designed our bodies to do this and that I can. I just have to modify and keep going as long as I can but still listen to my body.