All About My Big Boy

I feel like lately this has been all about pregnancy. I mean it consumes a ton of our time because there is a lot of prep work that goes into having twins but I don't want to overlook my boy. The one who made me Mama.

He's pretty amazing. He is so smart and funny and a lover. He has to give me a million kisses before bed and when he is not feeling good he has to have his Mommy.

We went on a little shopping trip just the two of us to get some small things from him for Daddy and he loved every second of it. He could not get enough of picking! things! out! for! my! Daddy! I soaked it up too because the magic in a child's eyes at this time of year is amazing. Plus his one request for a gift for daddy was a jingle bell! I panicked that we would not be able to find them but they had an ornament with a single jingle bell and it a snowman that said Dad. Perfect! He carried that ornament through the store so proud.

We went to the Rain Forrest Cafe and he loved it. He liked to look at the animals but did not want to get too close to any that moved. They had a mascot there and he was petrified. I said to my Mom that we are not in any hurry to go to Disney that kid would have a break down.

He is doing good at school. I see some bad habits he gets from there. Like hitting. Ah the 2 year old hit and throw something when they are mad is in full affect at our house. If he hits he goes in time out. If he throws a toy he gets the toy taken away. If he starts to throw a tantrum we walk away. He stops on his own and then comes back to reality where we don't throw ourselves on the ground because Mommy won't let us play with a sharpie.

Food is still a big issue. He eats a very small variety of foods and some days hardly has an appetite. The doctor just keeps telling me he will eat when he is hungry and so we offer and he goes to bed without eating some nights because he won't eat the Peanut butter sandwich I made him and he wants oreo's. It's a struggle for me but we are working through it.

He is such a boy when it comes to running around and imaginative play. Everything is climbing or jumping or building or knocking down. He plays all day long.Trucks, dinosaurs, pirates he is all about it. But this kid would for sure always rather be outside. We have had some nice 50 degree days here and so we have been getting out as much as we can. 

Bedtime is our other battle. About a month ago bedtime became an hour long struggle of just one more....kiss, hug, song, book, potty break, blanket, change my shirt, snuggle me one more min. You name it my kid stalls with it. Since being in the big boy bed Michael has taken over bed time and has shaved 20 mins off the hour long time but it is still a hasle. And just when you think your in your bed tucked in for the night BAM! that kid has to pee. I'm hoping this phase passes and fast because it's exhausting. He gets up usually around 3:30-4 to go to the bathroom and since I get up at 5 I just bring him into bed with me and that hour ish that I get to sleep all snuggled up with him I just love it.

He has started to read to us. He has a few books memorized because we read them so much that he can now read them to us.I love when he climbs up on my lap and says "I will read dis book to you mommy" Love it.

A few other cute things

When he asks for something like candy and we say no (because it's 8 in the morning) and I offer him muffins he will say "nefer mind I want nofing"

He tells us he loves us disss much and then puts his hands out as far as he can

He is starting to know feelings the other morning he told me that he was sad because he just wanted his daddy. And then he told me he was so happy going on an adventure to the store with me.

I really do just love this boy so much