Thanksgiving Round 2

I had 4 glorious days off of work. I loved every second of it. My body needed it.

Wednesday I grabbed my nugget from school and we got our baby donuts since it was technically our Friday. Then we got home I packed him up really quick and we headed right to my parents house to drop him off for his sleepover. Since he was born my parents take him the night before Thanksgiving and Michael and I get to have a date night. Well this date night was different because we ordered food in (Ed's chicken fingers and fries and OMG yummmy!) and then watched a movie. It was nice my pregnancy body needed to just rest after the busy weekend we had. Plus I got to sleep uninterrupted. Heaven

Thursday we got up had cinnamon rolls, Michael went and got my paper for the BF ads and then we got to work on making Grayson's room into a big boy room. We moved out the crib and glider and then got to work on his bed. We ordered this one from ikea and this mattress from amazon. We had big plans to put the dresser together too but I couldn't help lift out his old changing table/dresser combo and so we plan to do that this week since my Dad came over today and they got it moved out. That is when I will do a full update. I love it and Grayson has been doing pretty good with sleeping in it. Once we got everything cleaned up I took a shower and a nap and we headed to my Aunt's house to see everyone and eat turkey. I was so happy to see Grayson I miss that nugget when he's not with us. Then we decided last minute to go BF shopping just not on Thanksgiving so my Dad offered to take Grayson on Friday and then my parents offered to just keep him overnight one more night so that he could sleep and not have to be up so early.

Friday I got up and ate breakfast and then got ready to go shopping. I dropped  everyone off at the mall while I went and had my remote start put in from the dealership and then we hit the stores hard. Once I got home I finished up on-line and I'm 95% done shopping! Yahoo! That night we relaxed and just watched a movie together on the couch

Saturday my Mom called and asked to take Grayson to the light parade workshop for kids that morning. He had a blast and I got laundry caught up and some more organizing done around the house. Grayson came home in time for nap and then I napped too. That night we watched Brave and I made pizza roll ups with crescent rolls they were delicious. Right after dinner Grayson started to get clingy didn't want to be put down and then about an hour later he felt super hot. I too his temp it was 100.4 and I gave him Tylenol and decided to skip the bath. He slept until about 2 when he called me in his bed saying he didn't feel good and needed me to snuggle him

Sunday he woke up burning up 101.6 and so more Tylenol and a day on the couch watching movies and eating Popsicles (he kept saying it hurt to swallow) and lots of ice water. He napped in our bed and then was super clingy all night the fever would come back when the Tylenol wore off. He slept horrible and developed the worst barking cough Sunday night. So we went to the doctors the next day and bam croup. The doctor said that since it was 2 days in that she didn't want to start a steroid and to just keep up with alternating Tylenol and Motrin.

So that is what we have been doing. And notice no pictures in the post? I opted to only use my phone for calls these past 4 days and it has been wonderful. And freeing and a nice break. I cuddled my boy a ton and just relaxed.

Now onto Christmas! Happy December 1st! Our elf Leo came back this morning with donuts and a present for Grayson.